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Starbound National Finals

We had a beautiful week at Nationals with Starbound in South Lake Tahoe. Easily our favorite week of the year! I am beyond proud to be a tiny team of 12 but still win the Studio Spirit Award - the biggest honor in my eyes! I love these amazing little humans we are helping to grow. #starbounddance #nationals #results #proudofourteam

2017 Starbound Nationals Results

Stupid Cupid - Savannah Hughes - High Gold

Post to Work from Home - Thalina Reyes - Elite Gold & 3rd Overall

Cups - Danna Bucoy - High Gold

Them Girls - Savannah Hughes & Audrina Reyes - High Gold

Me Too - Ilana Burg & Daisy Vasquez - Elite Gold & 8th Overall

Meet Me at the Roxy - Eva Burg, Olivia Orcutt & Daisy Vasquez - High Gold - 3rd Overall

Ballroom Blitz - Ilana Burg, Paige Catidan & Daisy Vasquez - Elite Gold - 7th Overall

Dr. Bones - Eva Burg - Elite Gold - 2nd Overall

21st Century - Danna Bucoy, Aliyah Collins & Thalina Reyes - Elite Gold - Top in Category - 3rd Overall

Me Too - Aliyah Collins - Gold

I Love Me - Olivia Orcutt - High Gold - 7th Overall

Don't Get Me Down - Paige Catidan - Elite Gold - 5th Overall

That Man - Eva Burg, Ilana Burg, Paige Catidan, Daisy Vasquez & Regan Vorsatz - High Gold

80's Remix - Danna Bucoy, Eva Burg, Ilana Burg, Aaliyah Collins, Jill Esteves, Savannah Hughes, Olivia Orcutt, Audrina Reyes, Thalina Reyes, Daisy Vasquez and Regan Vorsatz - High Gold

Alice's Dream - Eva Burg, Olivia Orcutt, Thalina Reyes, & Regan Vorsatz - High Gold

Geekin' - Eva Burg, Ilana Burg, Thalina Reyes, Daisy Vasquez & Regan Vorsatz - High Gold

Shaking the Room - Regan Vorsatz - High Gold

In the Mood - Regan Vorsatz - High Gold

Conga - Daisy Vasquez - High Gold

Something New - Ilana Burg - High Gold

Concrete Wall- Ilana Burg - High Gold

Uptown Funk - Danna Bucoy, Aaliyah Collins, Jill Esteves, Savannah Hughes, Jayme Grace Montenegro & Thalina Reyes - High Gold

Congratulations Team!!!

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