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Our goal is to help every dancer find the class, style, and teacher that is a perfect fit just for them. The first class is always complimentary. After that, if you are still unsure of what class to take, we welcome you to try any one of our classes at the drop in rate. At times, families can find it difficult to figure out where to begin. For this reason, we encourage class observation, which can be done through our viewing windows.  There is someone at the front desk before the first class begins and someone will remain at the desk until the last class is over. We are also available by appointment, which can be scheduled by phone or e-mail. Please call, e-mail or stop by for more information.


Preschool Ballet, Jazz & Tap Combo Classes

Ages 2-8  & Pre-Hip Hop Ages 3-7

designed to develop your child's natural interest

in Dance and Music.

These classes inspire your child's creativity through song, dance and play.  Your little ones will be twirling around the studio, bouncing with happiness and singing out with joy!  Combo classes combine tap, jazz and ballet to keep young dancers interested for the duration of the class. Children grow not only in their dance knowledge with these classes but we see great improvements in confidence, consistency, musicality, social skills and self awareness.

Young Ballerina
Youth Dance Group


combines grace, line and beauty to provide the technical foundation for all dance forms.

Ballet is considered to be the foundation of all dance forms. It is essential when a dancer is learning the proper placement of their bodies. Ballet develops coordination, grace, muscle toning, poise, good posture, flexibility, stamina and endurance. Students learn proper body placement, alignment and technique. Classes begin with barre work and then moves into center for adage and petite and grand allegro.


incorporates elements of Ballet and Modern dance set to popular Music including Lyrical and Contemporary Styles of Dance.

Dancers in this class will learn the basics of jazz technique including vocabulary, musicality, rhythm and basic steps. Jazz technique class can be a technically demanding class that works on flexibility, strength, coordination, musicality and rhythm.

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blends Coordination and Rhythm into a fun and timeless Dance form.

These classes teach rhythm, coordination, basic tap terminology, musicality and choreography. The beginning classes cover the basics and combinations and footwork get more and more complicated as the levels advance.

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mixes Funk and Street Dance styles to create fun and freestyle movement.

This quickly growing dance form is high-energy and appropriate for all ages. Dancers will learn rhythm, coordination and style through choreography.

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Youth Dance Group


draws on modern dance techniques while balancing lyricism, fluidity and athleticism. This popular dance style is concerned with concept, theme and emotional content.

Contemporary dance is becoming a favorite for most dancers. It is a fusion of jazz, lyrical, ballet and modern. A contemporary class will usually consist of a warm-up and a combination.


jumps and choreographed combinations as well as the development of style.

This class focuses strictly on skills and tricks that dancers are asked to do in their competition and recital dances. This class takes a closer look at body placement and alignment so dancers can advance their skills safely.

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Youth Dance Group


focuses on the kind of dancing used in theatrical staging, acting basics and "character acting" through dance.

Dancers will learn pieces of several “mini-musicals” centering on show tunes from America’s best-loved musicals, including “Cats,” West Side Story,” and “Oliver.” Dancers will also learn theater terminology as well as the history of Broadway and musical theater in America. Dancers in these classes also need training in Ballet and Jazz. Placement is upon approval of the artistic director.

No experience necessary and the first class is free. 

Come have some fun & discover your inner Dancer!


Classes in Tap, Jazz, Ballet & Hip Hop are currently offered through Private Lessons only.

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No dance experience needed!

Pre-School: Ages 3 to 6 years

Focus is on the fundamentals of tumbling. Students will learn core isolation and body placement for beginning level tricks and also how to prepare for tumbling safely with stretching and instructor assistance. 

Beginning: Ages 6 and up

This class introduces basic level tumbling movements. During each class, students will learn a variety of stretches to ready their body and improve flexibility, how to tumble safely and also learn tricks across the floor and center.

Intermediate/Advanced: Ages 9 and Up

Prerequisite: Mastery of Beginning Tumbling

This class is for students who want to continue training in tumbling and acro. This class introduces higher level tumbling movements. During each class, dancers will learn more advanced tumbling, tricks and aerials to further hone their acro skills.


Princess Ballerinas

Does your child love to twirl,

play make believe and dress-up?
Then she will LOVE becoming a Princess Ballerina!
Each week she’ll hop, skip and twirl

through an imaginary adventure!
By encouraging your child’s creativity and independence in a fun and supportive atmosphere you’ll see your child blossom before your eyes!

Princess Ballerinas classes feature...
•    Unique theme-based classes that will keep your child excited for dance class week after week! In fact, she’ll never see the same theme twice!
•    Caring Instructors who can’t WAIT to share their love for dance with your little one!
•    Princess Ballerinas classes also offer fun bonuses like coloring pages, skill charts and award certificates to celebrate your child’s success along the way.
 Enroll today and watch your Princess Ballerina blossom! 

Interested in learning more about our classes? Get in touch today.